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The place and weather

in Trevelin: Wilson Patagonia, a different place

The complex is situated in a specially chosen land which allows the tourist to be the owner of the 360º extended chain of mountains. Amazing views of the abrupt tops of the “Cordillera de los Andes” and the rounded ones of the “Precordillera”, mountains embebed with the brillant white snow in the mornings an the brighty pinks in the afternoons, just at the entrance of the litle town Trevelin, 5 blocks to its park, next to the route 259, on the road going to the National Park Los Alerces and at 500m from river Percey.
During the nights you became the owner of all the stars of the beautiful southern sky.

The weather

the adventure today, and every day

The weather is continental cold with dry season. An important rain variation is produced from west to east. Temperatures markedly slow down from the slopes to the top of the mountains. In winter, middle temperature is between 2 to 4ºC and during summer it can climb up to 14 to 18ºC. This climatic variation plus different soils and reliefs comes to important changes in vegetation and fauna. Winds blow from norwest to southeast very often, though it is not strange if in autum dry and cool ones came from the east.



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